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Welcome to my new website

August 16, 2011

Now for the biggest challenge of all – I’m a professional writer and I’ve got to write a decent blog. What do people expect? A rambling of my daily events, a moan (can do that), a monologue about my horse (‘please no’, I hear you beg)? Gosh, I’m falling asleep already.

It’s a difficult place to start. When I mentioned that I was launching a new professional website complete with a blog last week on Facebook my dear (honest) friend Stevie, who is never a one to mince his words, reminded me of a failed attempt at blogging a couple of years ago. The only comment below my errant warble was left by a sarcastic reader: “How interesting I’ll definitely be back”. Well I have to change all that this time.

Well, I have got something very exciting to announce and you have probably guessed already as you are on it right now. I have a new website – dawngay.com – and it’s just a bit good. I’m very excited because it has only taken me eight long years of essentially running my own full-time business as a freelance journalist and I’m ashamed to admit, editing several other websites, to have one built for my own work.

It came into being a couple of months ago when I sat down with Jeremy Walker, the cousin of a very dear friend – and I have to say somebody that I’m enjoying getting to know in his own right – to ask his agency, Degas Guruve , to take on the task. To build a site that showcases my work, who I am as a professional, the things I write and how I can help.

I then ‘roped in’ a very talented photographer friend Chloe Bowman and her mum, Natasha, an excellent make-up artist who used her magic brush, to take a good picture. That’s me on the front page and the one on the horse.

I hope you enjoy reading my website, you might be an editor wanting to meet the person behind the by-line, a friend who wants to know more about what I write, or the person wants to have a nose (you are more than welcome). Well, this is me – nice to meet you and have a good read.

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