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Return of the blog

September 5, 2012

Somebody contacted me today via dawngay.com asking for freelance equestrian writer services and it dawned on me, literally, that in a three week’s time I’ll be in the full throttle of my freelance world again.

It’s been an exciting nine months working at the Lords, writing news from the chamber and helping them launch a new Lords section on parliament.uk. I’ve enjoyed hopping into London, making new friends and learning more about such a grandfather institution.

Meanwhile there’s been a notable absence of my blogs (and tweets). Partly because a) I’ve been working on a full-time contract in the Westminster village and ran out of the extra writing steam that you need for an entertaining blog b) I’m politically impartial at the moment and have proudly been so through monarch visits and welfare reform and c) Have been my juggling superstar new horse with London full time. There’ll be much more on him later.

Watch this web space…

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